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These 3 posts are at the end of our drive and I have been trying to take a decent photograph of them for quite a while. Beyond the horizon here is the Cat’s Back which is part of the Black Mountain’s of Wales on the Welsh English border.

It took me so long because of the mountain behind to be honest, it is so vast an area that sometimes framing the image of the 3 posts sometimes spoils the image.

I took this image one morning while taking the children to the school bus stop at the end of the lane, as the fog covered the mountain which it hid behind.

What I like about the image is the two further posts are as straight as possible and the closest leaning. It may not look although it leans too far, but from a little further along you can see how much, but from that angle the backdrop is the forestry which is to the right of this image.

Simple things and all that.



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