I took this shot during the very few days of what was supposed to have been Summer last year (2012). We were on our way to Aberbeeg in South East Wales to visit friends. We had noticed the honesty box a few times before taking this pic,but thought that the floral bouquets would make a lovely gift for our friends.

We picked up two bouquets for around £8.00, and well worth it too. They were absolutely stunning, they were full of Cosmos, Dafodils, Chrysanthemums and so on. They were arranged very well indeed and all cut from the owners garden.

We are lucky enough to live in such an amazing area and we are grateful every single day we wake. There are not many areas in the UK where a honesty box would be possible, I did not take this image as it was the first honesty box we had ever seen, there are several here at certain times of the year, and to date, I have not heard of anyone having items or money stolen from their honesty box.

This particular honesty box impressed my wife so much that this year we ordered cosmos seeds and she has planted them and they have been transplanted on into their own plugs and we are just waiting now for the snow to disappear so we can get them out in to the garden. As a matter of fact she bought quite a few different varieties of flower seeds and as soon as her green house arrives that we bought her for her birthday (which is today) is delivered, we can get more planted up ready for the next week in June that some call Summer.


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