I recently took this photograph while on a short walk to check the main roads to see how bad they were during the snow and ice in Michaelchurch Escley on the Craswall road.

I always feel bad when photographing lambs, as they run as quick as their little legs will carry them as they think I have ‘cake’ for them, (cake is what the farmers call the biscuit like feed they feed them). So I never hang around too long, especially when there is so much snow and ice in the fields. The farmers feed them cake and hay, but at this time of year when the fields are so full of snow, they are always hungry.

We are  due to have some sheep of our own hopefully at some point this year, we have our DEFRA holding number and everything else that we need, but we are waiting for the fencing to be re-erected as as the moment, it just would not keep them in our field for a second.

I used a Sony a200 DSLR camera to take this image, THEN PROCESSED IT IN PHOTOSHOP TO GET THE IMAGE BLACK & WHITE.


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