Robin 01



I have always been a little envious of a few of my good friends in the way that they take photo’s of birds, badgers, foxes and other wildlife. Not so that it turns to jealousy or anything like that, just that I wish I only had the patience to be able to sit there long enough to take images such as they take. A 500 mm lens would help too though 😉

I took this image in a tent that I hid among a wide conifer tree in the corner of our garden. I set up some bird feeders just feet in front of the tent. As the tent was left there for a few weeks the birds soon got used to it and after a short amount of time I could sit inside the tent with the zip of the door open just enough to stick my 300 mm lens through. I took several images and the birds soon got used to the fact that while they could see me in the tent, I caused o threat to them, so we had a great relationship going on there for a while.

I say for a while as during the Winter of 2012 we had quite a heavy downfall of snow for a week or so, and the weight of the snow dragged the trunks of the conifer down to the ground, and I mean flat to the ground too, which in turn broke the tent beyond repair.

I have built other hides in the forestry which surrounds our house, but then it all boils down to my patience again.

I think that is why I enjoy landscape photography so much, it aint going anywhere.


5 thoughts on “Robin 01

  1. Very nice picture ! Taking pictures of animals does take a lot of time and they have to get used to you beeing there… the hardest is to have agreat shot with enough sharpness because they move a lot. Nicely done !

    Keep posting pictures !

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