Once a year I have a friend that I met on Flickr that visits us here at our home in Michalechurch Escley. I love it when he visitis as he always gives me new tips, idea’s and suggestions on the skills of photography. He is an award winning, published photographer so I long for his visit every year.

As the weather this May (2013) was, well as it usually is, grey, glum, wet and totally not the conditions for any kind of photography really. There is nothing worse as a photographer than either flat grey or blue skies. Clouds are always welcome, but not the sot we had during the middle of May.

So before we left I decided on a method of photography for my day. Try to capture as little sky as possible and frame each photograph with as much detail as possible avoiding the sky as much as possible.

All in all the day was a great day, I won’t go in to too much more detail here about the day as there are several other photograpghs of St. Peter’s Church in Peterchurch that  I have for sale here on the website, so I will give you a little info to the process of the image.

Firstly, I took the photograph with my DSLR in both RAW and JPEG, I then processed it in Photoshop but only with the RAW file, I then processed the file in Photomatix and then again in Photivo.

History of St. Peters Church

The font is monolithic but carved in two sections separated by a heavy single cable roll. The upper part, or bowl, is cup-shaped with an upper angle roll of single cable, and below this a band of sawtooth. The part below the central cable roll is effectively the stem, and is slightly convex in profile. It stands on a modern octagonal double step. The bowl is unlined, and there are inserted rim repairs at the SE, SW, NE and NW.

Peterchurch was held by Alweard before the Conquest, and by Hugh l’Asne in 1086. It consisted of 3 hides of ploughland and housed 2 Frenchmen, a priest with a church, and 3 slaves, 1 bordar and 2 men. On Hugh’s death the manor apparently passed to Robert de Chandos, who had married Hugh’s daughter. The manor remained in the Chandos family until the 15thc.




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