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I was closing the drive gates the other evening and I notice over the other side of the valley above the Bridge Inn, Michaelchurch Escley and I saw the most amazing rainbow breaking through a very dark sky.

Being colour blind I have only ever been able to see a greeny yellow colour, never the blue’s or red’s, but this rainbow was so vivid and with the sky being so dark behind it, it was so vivid.

I got my camera and went into the front garden and quickly took a few pics. When I went through them on the screen on the back of the camera I rushed quickly in and uploaded them straight to my laptop.

I did use Photoshop while editing this image, but only to clone out a few dust spots that I have on the mirror of my camera that show up on the images. I did not touch any of the levels, or enhance any of the colours.

I then used a piece of software called Photomatix which allows you to enter three images, one image exposed correctly, one over exposed and another under exposed. Photomatix merge the three images together, which turn a photo into a HDR image. I have gone into more detail of the process here in an earlier post.

It is not very often that I am over the moon with an image, I usually upload them to my face book account and if over 30 people ‘LIKE’ an image I upload it to my website, but I really was proud of this one.

I had an idea. I wondered if there was any online photo competitions, so I Googled to look for some. The very first that appeared was a competition on the Telegraph website. I completed the form and uploaded the image and forgot about it to be honest.

Well, two days later I received an email congratulating me on winning.

I was shell shocked. I really could not believe it. Here is a link to the Telegraph website where my image is currently  being displayed(how long the link will stay live for though I am not sure as the competition is weekly).

The prize for winning was a Nikon Coolpix S9500 point and shoot camera worth £300.

Looking forward to the morning to going to our local newsagents and picking up a copy of the Telegraph as the image is being printed on the back cover of the Telegraph Travel magazine. Shame they can’t put a link to my website on there. 🙂

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