I remember taking this pic, it was before I injured my back and walking about with my camera in the snow was enjoyable not something I was afraid of doing as I am now. The idea of falling these days scare me as I do not think I would be able to get back up on my feet alone. My wife is not really one for walking. Now we have moved and there are new walks for me to explore (even if they are not far from the house) I am so scared of falling and getting myself stuck, so we are going to invest in a good set of two way radio’s.

I took this image in the Winter of 2012 I think on a walk over towards Urishay Chapel where these sheep were waiting for the farmer to bring them their breakfast of hay. I felt pretty sorry for them as I stood at the gate and thy all came running towards me expecting food.

I took a few photographs of the sheep and before long the farmer arrived and fed them. As we had no neighbours really to speak of when we lived near Urishay Common, I did not know the farmer, but wish I had introduced myself to him and asked if he minded me taking a few pics of him while he was feeding the sheep. As I looked back it was quite a scene what with all of the sheep surrounding him waiting impatiently for their breakfast almost knocking the farmer to the ground as he tried to get the hay out of the trailer and into the feeders.

I later spoke to the farmer and as like most of the old farmers here in the Golden Valley, they are very friendly, happy to chat, and never forget your face.


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