Time for another catch up I think.

I know it has been quite some time since I last posted here, something I am disappointed with myself for neglecting. I have taken so many new photographs since my last post, mainly astro images, but there are also the few other pics too of the area where I live. I will post a few now and then return hopefully at least once a week to keep this blog as up to date as possible.

Here we go:-


Here is an image of the Sun that I took with a 60mm Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (PST), the dark marks towards the top of the Sun and the one in the center are known as Sun Spots. These appear when this area of the Sun is cooler than the rest of the surface, although not much cooler as the Suns temperature is a steady 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit.


This image I took just the other night. I set the camera up onto a tripod and set the ISO to 1600 and the exposure rate to 25 seconds and left the shutter release clicking away for almost 3 hours. The center of the image is where Polaris (North Star, NCP) lays, the circular streaks around Polaris are the other stars and planets that look like they are moving. In fact is is Earth that is moving which then allows for these images to be taken. The streaks in the image are either aircraft, satellites, meteors and 2 Iridium flares, one to the top left and the second just below Polaris pointing down.


Here is one of the 25 second exposures from the image above with the Iridium Flare included.


Although far from being amazing, this is one of my best attempts of imaging the Moon with just a DSLR and small telescope.


Where as this image was taken with a NexImage 5, which is basically a 5MP webcam through the larger of the telescopes I currently own.


This image however, was again taken through my scope and using the DSLR. It is Orion, a object in the sky that has caused me so much torment over the past few years. After too many hours to remember, this is the very best I could manage, so I then called it a day with Orion as I was missing valuable clear night skies trying to get it just right. Something I think I will try again in a year or two.

I will leave the astro images where they are for now as I am sure I have not spent the past 18 months, just using the camera at night.

At least I hope that is not the case.


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