Quietly catching up

Here are a few much more recent pics I have been working on, I will try not to include too many astro pics a I know that they are far from being spectacular, but I thought it would be a good way to view any improvement in the future, that is if I do improve at all.

Sun_over River_Wyesmll

Here is an image I took looking over the River Wye in East Herefordshire back a month or to ago just before Sunset. I was hoping to get a little more red in the water from the reflection from the sky, but it as not to be.


This image was taken on a different night but at the same location. A little happier with this image, but the camera did not pic up how huge the Sun was that evening as it went down. My own fault, I could have swapped to a larger lens but I still anted some of the foreground in the image also.


Well I suppose you knew it was going to happen. Here are a few pics I took last winter during the now and some very clear nights. In the image above, at the top you can see Orion’s belt.


Not to bore you too much, here is the last one of the nightscape images for this post. This was taken from the garden gate.


Going a little of the subject here,but here is a pic of my daughter just before Sunset in Turkey last Summer.

Hopefully, the next post will have some sort of order to it.


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