Another move. Another Country.

Bulgaria, our new home…….For now 😉

Well again I have not posted to this blog for a little over 6 months. In all honesty, I was not sure I would be able to log in to update so did not really think much of it and started a fresh blog, but as I seem to be able to log in, I thought it better to continue this blog as it has much more history and it will more enjoyable for us to look back in the future.

Well we moved to Bulgaria. Our eldest lad stayed in Wales with his grandmother due to education and his long relationship with his girlfriend.

We book for just 6 weeks and during the time it too us to wait for the flight, we managed to find a house in an amazing little village to rent until a suitable house comes available for us to purchase.

It was (as always) another risk moving again, but this is something we had been thinking about for a few years.

We arrived in June / July sometime to some of the highest temps (40 – 50 degrees). It really was unbearable. Along with the slow pace of life and the heat, it really did take some settling in to. I was not happy for the first few weeks, just so much of a change and the language barrier was so hard too.

Thankfully, things are a lot easier here now, looking back, it did not take us too long to settle in. We took the children away for a weekend to the coast, when we returned, everything seemed so much easier somehow.

As it has been so long, I am going to copy the posts from the new blog I started and post them here.



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