Finally, it is cooling down…….but still not too much

Finally, it is cooling down…….but still not too much

Getting cooler

The pic above was taken on one of the worse days we have had since we arrived here just over 2 months ago.

Although the temperatures have dropped, they have only dropped to around 30 degrees during the day and a little under 20 degrees at night. We have all noticed the drop in temperature during the nights, but it is still too hot to do much during the day. Not saying that we are lazy sods, just that it is so wearing trying to do anything like working in the garden in such heat.

There is now at least a breeze, which only makes you feel that you are OK in the Sun. Just the other day I went fishing with Neil (an English neighbour from the village) and I burnt my nose to the point where I have a nice scab on it now, still, going fishing again tomorrow.

The cows are growing well and will soon be too big for the shed that they are in at the moment, but that should not be a problem, we have a plan which will not cost much money and should be easy enough to sort out ready for the Winter.

Newcomers to the house

Well then, we went to the local animal market to see what they had there, just for a look. I already knew that we would be returning home with more than I would want. I fancied some canaries, and if they had any cheap poultry, maybe have a few.

But as soon as we got there I noticed that they sold pups.


Louise, Joe and Tiff did not know where to look first, I was gutted. Louise has always wanted a German Shepherd and I thought it would be a great time to get one as the gypsies and Bulgarians do not like dogs very much at all, well, except their own of course.

It was not long after buying the German Shepherd that we have named Oof, that some they noticed some old girl selling a litter of Pinchers.


It was decided that Joe would buy and own the pup from his own pocket money that he has been saving. So we picked the one that we thought may still be alive by the time we got back to the car in the car park as the others were not looking very clever and we took it home.

We explained to Joe that although we would help him to look after the Pincher that has been named Mini, he must also take responsibility for his new pet, that he wanted to keep in a cage in his bedroom at night.

Within two hours, Louise went in to Joe’s bedroom to see how e was getting on with the new pup and Joe was laying on his bed with the pup crying.

He said that it was far too much responsibility for him as he would never have anytime to play on his computer as the pup was always crying and wanted to be played with.

After paying 50 lev (about £25) for the pup, he came up with  a cunning plan. He said that Louise could buy the pup, the cage, food and the blanket that was ours anyway for 100lev.

Cheeky little sod 😉

To begin with we all loved the tiny little dog, Roxy too, now it is only Louise and Tiff that want anything to do with the yapping, barking, pooing smelly little sodding thing. 😉

Here is Oof, she is called oof cos whenever you try and do anything she gets under your feet and and you almost say ‘Oh, F**king Dog’, so we thought Oof may be a little more polite in company. She is a great dog and learns pretty quick, she is also quite fearless too for her age. She was having a great snarling and barking match the other morning with one of the farmers  Karakachan.

We are all doing fine….

Several times I have said that we have finally started to settle in, but now it really is for real. We are not looking for somewhere to go every day (now the car is finally sorted except the boot will not open). It now feels like home. Yes we have the heat to still contend with, but it is getting cooler slowly, just 30 degrees during the day and almost 20 at night, but we now know that if there is anything to be done we do it in the morning before the Sun gets us too hot.

We now legally own the car which will help when we come to sell it and Louise told June exactly what we all thought of her. So things here are good.

It seems that Joe has a ear infection which seems only to play him up at night, around 3am, but after a full course of antibiotics we will have to take him to the ear doctor on Wednesday after Bulgaria’s 4 day bank holiday. he is fine and enjoys getting in to bed with me as Louise is suffering with her back at the moment and is sleeping on the sofa as it is much softer than the bed. She is a lot better now than she was at the start of the week, but as she had so much to sort out in Yambol, she (as she always does) struggled on and got the meetings and so done, so hopefully she will be better by the end of the week.

Tiff is great, still helping out as much as she always does and doing really well with homeschooling, Joe on the other hand is proving to be a little more difficult now we are here, but we are looking for a tutor as they only charge £3 a hour and they are supposed to be amazing.

I had a strange morning today now I think of it. I was out collecting horse muck from Ellie as she is now our mower until we can sort out a new one, so I was moving her muck onto the plot where we will be growing veg next year and before I can turn around I am about two miles away in a field trying to get a cow out of a well.

Nothing really surprises me here anymore, I suppose you have to see it to believe it in most cases.

John from Hereford and his grandson will be arriving n the 6th of October, so looking forward to seeing hi again and then my mother, Josh, Alesha and Auntie San will be here a little over a week later, really looking to seeing all of you so much.

Ah well, I got cows to feed soon and chickens to milk before the go to bed, so I better be off now then.

Hope you are all OK and hope to either speak or see you all soon.

Great day with the locals

I just realised how long ago it was that I posted to the blog when looking through pics to upload to here. Back a few weeks ago ‘The Rock’ (Nickoli) and his son, Dragoya, his aunt Spaztika (don’t laugh) sister (can’t even say her name let alone spell it) and his nephew and neices all came for a day in the pool with us.

It was a little bit of a shock, but a good one as we did not know that anyone was coming. We all had a great day and it was great to get friendly with Nickoli as not only is he a bit of a rouge, he is also due to become the villages mayor with any luck. Will be good to be on the good side of him I think.

The smiling chap here in the pic is our good friend Dragoya, this is the chap that has made our life here in Bulgaria so much easier. Without him I am sure we would be lost.

Ain’t been fishing in over 10 years

When I were lad I used to love fishing, but since the kids I have not really had the time to go.

Now in the village, Neil is a keen fisherman and just about a 20 minute drive away from the house, but very much off-road. it would probably take over a hour to walk it and it would be very easy to get lost too, well for me anyway.

The lake / pond is a stock pond for Carp. The chap that lives in a hut there the whole year to make sure that there is no illegal netting of the stock allows us to fish there as we do not eat carp and in return he has a bottle of Rakia from us.

The chap said that the pond was netted about a year ago to stock other ponds, so there would not be anything large in there to catch, that was the case as you can see.

That was of course until I caught this little beauty. Not huge I know, but even the chap that watches over the pond was surprised to see it.

The pond and it’s surroundings are beautiful, totally untouched (except for the blokes tin shack). When we arrived there were Storks and Egret’s all over the place. A few times there was this almighty roar of croaking from the frogs, you could hear it star at the other end of the pond and then the chorus would spread right the way around the pond. It was deafening while it lasted, but as soon as it started, it would finish.

I noticed two very large birds of prey flying from the pond’s edge to the same tree over and over all day. When I managed to get a close look they were in fact Golden Eagle’s. They look so much bigger than I could have ever imagined, a bird I have always wanted to see out in the wild, and now I have.

Also, about 5 times a huge Osprey would circle over the pond and then within a split second it would dive feet first into the water and catch a fish. I did try to video it on my new phone (thrown right in at the deep-end of the 21st century with this one), but it was just too far away for the camera to focus properly. So tomorrow, I will be taking a good pair of binoculars and my 200mm lens on my camera.

Here are some pics of the pond and it’s beautiful surroundings.

Here is Neil and the bloke that guards the pond

Neil into the one that got away 😉


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