Holidays while on Holidays

Holidays while on Holidays

I think we are going to be OK…

OK, well we finally had some relaxing time, as most of you know things have been far from quiet for us since we moved here 7 weeks ago. The time has really gone fast, yet when I think about when we left it does seem a long time ago. We have finally got into the Bulgarian way of time, don’t expect anything to be done this week, somethings that I would want to be done as soon as possible are usually the things that take the longest. My patience levels took a severe bashing the first few weeks, but now I understand that nothing is a ‘problem’, (until it really is one that is) I have learnt to just wait and see what happens, and when.

We need to get more wood ready for Winter, but a chap in the village, Neil, said that he can arrange this for us. Dragoya said that we can both go into the forestry with his horse Ellie, and the cart and steal wood. Only problem with this is that the forestry he is talking about is owned by the Bulgarian government and there is a prison sentence to anyone found hunting or cutting wood on the land. So I think I am going to get the wood from this Neil chap.

I started to run low on medication at the end of last week, and Dragoya said that there is a doctor that comes into the village on a Sunday and a Wednesday. Great I thought as otherwise we would have to go into Yambol which would have been a nightmare as they only give a weeks worth of medication at anyone time.

Anyway, Dragoya said that the doctor would be in the village, in a room behind the post office at 11am.

So Dragoya came with us as the doctor is 80 something years old and does not understand a lot of English.

I have never been so amazed!

We turn up there and the room where the doctor practices (if that is what you can call it, that is) is a dingy room and has a bed on the one side with flooring lino on it to keep it clean. The doctor has pink shoes on, a pair of grey trousers no top, just a doctors white (grubby) coat. Not a tooth in his head and as I mentioned, does not speak a word of English.

Dragoya translated for us and when he knew what medication I was looking for he rummaged through about 4 carrier bags full with different boxes of tablets, some out of date and some with no labels. Finally he found diazipam for  me.

Although, as we are not yet registered here, he was not able to sell me the medication, so instead he put them in Dragoya’s name for me. Also, I needed 2mg of Diazipam, but he only had 10mg’s. So he decided that I could 5 times the amount of medication than I needed, sign them off to someone else and charge me £150 for the privilege.

We were talking to Dragoya about the doctor saying that something like this in England just would not do, then he said that we should never have the doctor to the house as most people are dead by the next morning. I fully believe this too.

Wednesday soon came and it was time to collect my 2mg of Diazipam, Louise went to his ‘room’ in the car as I was busy. She went into his room, but he was nowhere to be seen. All of his carrier bags were there though with the mixture of god know what in them. Louise walked around the area looking for him, but he was not to be found. So Louise rang Dragoya and he rang the doctor and he soon arrived.

Again, he could only get his hands on 10mg of Diazipam, so after Louise paid him for them, as she left the doctor said to her, ‘Thank you very much!’.

Might not sound much, but you have to see it to believe it.

Tiff and I went for a bit of a walk Sunday around a few of the lanes in the village we have not been on yet. It was great to see new people and their houses.

Here is a pic of Tiff at the entrance of the village.

Before we went back home we went to the local shop, Baba Tonka’s. As we walked up through the field I saw what I first thought was one of the shepherds sitting on the brow of the hill. As I got close I noticed it was Baba Tonka, here she is.

The closer I got to her, the more worried I was as I could have swore she was using the bucket as a toilet, something else that I would have not been surprised by.

Thunder and Lightning.

Never before have I seen the weather change so drastically in such a short time scale. I thought that the weather in Sunnybank was erratic, but it really has nothing on the way the weather changes here.

I somehow deleted the pics from an earlier storm, but it was nothing like the storm we had last week.

It seemed to start off in the distance, but soon, the three storms that were surrounding us gathered and was overhead for around 3 – 4 hours. I did not take any pics of this storm, just a 2 very short videos as it was far too close to be outside with a tripod.

Here are the links

I only wish I could have taken more pics of the storm over head. The pics above are of an earlier storm we had a few nights before. I have never seen such an isolated storm so far away, so powerful and still be able to see the Milky Way. It was brilliant.


With the car finally being safe and having some time to ourselves, we decided to take the kids away for a few days. We searched online for somewhere to stay in a place called Sozopol, it is a beautiful area and close to the Black sea too. We drove the 86km and Louise drove really well, the motorways here allow tractors, horse and cart anything on them. We found the place almost straight away and we were amazed with the apartment we had for the money. Here are a few pics of us in the complex.

Sozopol is very much for the tourist, so we felt right at home there with a floral shirt and my camera, I felt just fine. The complex we were staying at was about a 10 minute taxi trip away from the ‘Old Town’ of Sozopol, somewhere we went last year with the Queen of Bulgaria. So we spent a few hours there too, mainly looking for a particular restaurant that Louise was unsure of it’s location. After a hours trek we soon found out that it was in the opposite direction, so we went somewhere else instead. Here are a few pics of the Old Town.

These two old girls where sat there making and selling lace work that that was amazing to watch. I asked if I could take their pic and the lady in the foreground was happy enough, but the lady in the background started to kick up a fuss about me taking their pic and not buying anything from them. So I bought what I later found out were Ladies Baba socks. Although I am glad I did not buy them from the grumpy old girl, but Louise did get a stunning table cloth from here.



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