Hot Hot Hot

Hot Hot Hot

While in the shop, I bumped in to two English neighbours, cannot remember their names now. Nice enough chaps like, but English all the same. We have been warned that most English will try and rip you off, where as from what we have seen so far, Bulgarians really would give you their last. Such a beautiful race of people, so kind.

While I was chatting to the two English blokes, they said that every house int he village is for sale, you just have to ask the Bulgarians how much they want for their house. Kind of make the an offer they cannot afford to refuse. See what I mean about the English out here!!

I found out that the house in the pic above and the land could all be mine for the sum of £80. I think I am OK where I am for the moment. 

Well I never thought I would say it, but hell it is too hot outside at the moment. We have a thermometer (granted it is in the Sun) and it blew 50 degrees today. Too hot to go out doors, yet it is stifling indoor too.  Going to be an early night tonight.

Not been an over busy week, just still trying to get the house into some sort of order. And although we have been very busy, we still have a lot of work left to do.

Roxy has settled in OK although she does not like being outside in this heat, she quickly about turns and heads for the door after a minute or so and pants for ages after she has been let back in. I do not think that anyone in their right mind would take a dog in this heat as I am sure they would be dead within minutes.

We now have 35 chickens. Dragoya brought some of his over for us to take care of for him as they are killing his pet pigeons. He is providing food for them and we get to keep most of the eggs.

We have set up an agreement that if he can take a few eggs each day, he will provide us with a litre of freshly squeezed milk, not tasted it myself, but Louise says it is beautiful in coffee. Ah well, I expect it is. I aint gonna find out.

Went to the Tonkas shop yesterday on my own. Quite enjoyed the walk, had a little peace and quiet which I really enjoyed.

Here is a pic of the road to the shop and Sara, the dog that the neighbours all call “Big Problem”. Not too sure why, but she does seem to have selective hearing which is a pain in the ass on times. Most Bulgarians own a dog, but they do not really like other peoples dogs. If a dog was to go into a garden of a neighbours they try their very best to kill it. They steal chickens, and most of the neighbours work hard all Summer on their gardens to help provide food for the Winter. SO I can see why they do not like other peoples dogs that much.

This is Tonka, I think, not really 100% if it is Donka or Tonka, I think that this is Tonka as her mother I think is Baba Donka. Not sure. Not a very flattering pic of her I admit. She speaks a little English and we all seem to get on very well indeed.


Now if this house was just £80, I may have been interested. This house is English owned and the 2nd largest house in the village, 2nd to our house so I have been told.

Dragoya’s father came across early the other morning and asked us to take Baba Jenna in the car with him. Louise and I thought that this was for them to show us a house that they know is for sale in the village. Not something we are looking in to doing just yet, but as we thought arrangements had been made, we should at least go and take a look.

We pulled up in the car outside a house and there were several men also there. Baba Jenna got out of the car and walked inside what I suppose they would call a garden. There was a lot of awkward silences and raised telephone conversations. Louise and I were a little unsure what was going on.

It turned out that Baba Jenna needed a lift to her brothers house as he had hung himself the night before. Louise and I felt like a right pair of tits when we worked it out.

Well the pool is finally all sorted now, the bottom has been hoovered, it still needs to be done a few more ties, but we are getting the slowly. The kids are loving it and so am I when I get in there. Louise still has not been in there.

Almost forgot to mention, Louise had two glasses of wine the other night and has AGAIN swore never to drink again. Me on the other hand……………………….Did not drink wine 😉



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