Just a few days to go….

Writing this from Herefordshire, before our move. 

Just a few days to go

I would be lying if I said I was not a little nervous about our move to Bulgaria in the next few days. Also a little emotional too. Due to my eldest son being upset about us moving, we moved from my mothers home (where we were supposed to be living until the move) to my mother – in – laws. I think my eldest son finally realised that we are actually moving and it upset him.

As I mentioned in this blog before, it is my sons choice not to move with us as he is in college and is thinking of his education and future. Which is very sensible I know. But it has been very difficult trying to keep everyone happy bu visiting them as much as possible to try and ‘share’ out our time, this has been even more difficult due to the fact that we no longer have a car herein the UK as we have sold it, but have one waiting for us at the airport when we land.

I have found it difficult as my other is ( I know, upset that we are moving so far away) and the recent shootings in Tunsia have not helped maters with my Mothers worries.

I have tried to explain to her that we are just as likely to get attacked in the local city centre here in the UK as we would be in a rural village in Bulgaria.

I am sure she understands, but it is difficult for both my mother and myself as I know that she is a worrier, as am I.

She does understand though that we have to do what we think is best for us and the children, and I am sure that with the way the UK is at the moment, Bulgaria will provide a much more of an enjoyable life for my wife, children and I than living here in the UK with the state on the economics and politics.

She is coming out to visit us in October with my eldest and my aunt, so I hope when she has visited, she will see why we love the country so much. We will be returning around three times a year to the UK to visit family, so I am sure that when she notices that this is happening, she will be OK with it then.

Well everything (almost) is packed up and ready for the man in a van to collect it all to bring it over to us, something I am looking forward to, will be great to have our own things around us and we can then relax and start living a little, rather than just existing as we have been the past few years here in the UK.

I should imagine that this will be the last post now until we arrive at our new home.

To all family when reading this, we all love you all the stars in the sky.



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