One week in….

One week in….

We have been here a little over a week and still loving it. The village is very quiet, very rarely see anyone, but as I mentioned, you only need take a short walk and the residents of the village are happy to try and chat with us. We finally found our English / Bulgarian translation book. Hopefully this will make things a little easier.

We have been ab.e to drive in to the nearest town which really is more like a city compared to some towns back in England. We bought a washing machine and another, larger cool box as the one we originally bought was only really big enough for a few cartons of milk. Oh, we also now have a gas bottle, so we are now able to cook on the cooker in the house.

We had a flat tyre on the car the other day, I think we picked up a screw when we were at Tonka’s. Totally flat the next morning. I changed the wheel the next day and I had no extra or spare parts left over and the wheel is on. So I am very happy with myself indeed :).

Dragoya, the lad opposite who is doing a great job at looking after us said that the children were not to use the pool until he had added chemicals to help clean it, as he was away during the week (he is a traditional dancer and dances in different holiday locations around Bulgaria), his father (who is a brilliantly, funny man) said that the children could use the pool. Well, he used a few of the English words he seems to know “No Problem”! It does seem that nothing is a problem to this man, fire, snakes, heat nothing what so ever.

So as soon as the children heard Damite say that there was “No Problem” with the pool, the children were in the like a shot.

Joe spent too long in there, around 8 hours flat out, only to be dragged out every two hours to put more sun tan lotion on him and Tiff. The pads of his toes were rubbed raw, to the point that they were bleeding.

Today however, just three days later, the pool is again “No Problem” with all chemicals at a good Ph balance, although I was a little concerned when Joe got out of the pool and hit T-Shirt had been bleached and now looks like a tie dyed T-Shirt.

Every evening, just before Sunset, the local Shepard brings back all of the cattle, sheep and goats past our gate for the residents to collect. The Shepard charges the residents a few pennies a day to take the livestock off to the hills to graze. This sis something that Tiff loves to watch. She sits on the top of the gate post (around 8 feet high) and watches them return every night. Here are a few pics of them.

All in all, I think it is fair to say that we are very much enjoying our new life here in Bulgaria, even if it is only early days.


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