Settling in

Settling in

The two pics above are of an old un-used shop, although it is probably in better condition than the shop that is being used that you will see in another pic further down this post and the other is of some bloke. Don’t know who, but he is outside the Post Office in the centre.

The weather is either getting cooler or we are getting more acclimitised to the hot temps here. The magazine this month is proving to be a nightmare with slow internet connections, the heat and the fact that Joe was downloading a game to almost 6 days which ended up not working anyway.

On Sunday we went to a car boot sale, well, a few people selling crap would be a better way to explain it. There was all of 6 cars, 1 food trade van and that was the lot. Not somewhere I think we will be going again. The kids had a bit of food in the local pub, we chatted to a few other people from Britain, on the most they were all OK, but then there is always one knob isn’t there.

Here are the kids in the local park, along with memorial stones, or graves, not quite sure which. This park in also in the centre, not really sure why it is called the centre as there really is nothing there at all worth while. There is a bus stop, a few springs with taps, this park and a shop that sells nothing and a bar that sells 2 or 3 different beers and often runs out of soft drinks. It really is more for the locals than for anyone else.

One night int he week, Dragoya (our neighbour) was having wheat delivered, 2 ton of the stuff and he had to move it from the lane outside his house into tanks in his garden.

Not sure if I have mentioned Dragoya before in the blog, but he is a 24 year old farmer / traditional Bulgarian dancer. The lad does not stop, I have never ever seen anyone work so hard.

Anyway, back to my point. Louise, the kids and I helped Dragoya with the wheat. We all filled sacks with wheat and he carried them into the tanks for storage. It took the 5 of us 2 hours to move the wheat, it would have taken him a lot longer if he had done it alone.

To thank us Dragoya and his father Dimetta took us to the Centre to Clinkers Bar for drinks.

It was very kind of them and although they have Bulgarian friends in the village that were at Clinkers, they sat on the same table as us and we all chatted for a good few hours. We all ad a really great evening.

Here is a pic of the Shop and bar, see what I mean…..

Posh ain’t it!!

Tiff and Joe drinking the Spring water from the centre, they were not very impressed with it to be honest.

While down at the springs, Joe noticed this headless snake in the water. Glad the bugger was headless too. I think it is a rat Snake, ot too sure, either way, it is dead, so I am happy with this. 

Well it seems we do not learn and we now have a baby cow. As sweet as he may look, this time next year I will be looking forward to having plenty of beef in the freezer.

Well not a lot has happened really, but I will continue to post these pages to this blog, and who knows, maybe oneday soon we might go further than the shop and I will have more news 🙂

(We butchered the cow at the start of December, very tasty it is too)


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