So much has happened

Must make more of an effort with this blog

It really has been too long this time between posts. We have been busy though, and had visitors, but I really am going to make more of a determined effort to keep this updated more than I have been.

OK! Where to start?

Our old landlord John and his Grandson came over to stay for a week with us for a week. I think to be honest 1 week was more than enough for John. He had never flown before, in-fact, he had never been on holiday before and after the week he had here, he is probably thinking that he has not missed out on too much either.

It was all a little too much for him I think, the traveling to Luton, the flight (which he said he really enjoyed) and the culture shock of the cities, although the village here is pretty much up to date for John I would imagine.

My eldest lad Josh, my mum, niece and aunt came over then for a week about two weeks after John left. It was so great to see them all, although a week just went far too fast. My mum came with us to Yambol and we looked around the haberdasheries, charity shops and had food out. I think she really enjoyed it too. We found one shop which was amazing and right up her street too. For those that know my mum, she is xmas mad, and we managed to find a beautiful shop that Louise and I have been in a few times before, but it is it one of those shops where you leave the kids outside and be quick about being inside too. Very nice and very expensive. She picked up a few things there such as xmas decorations, and then a few days later when Josh, my aunt, Louise and my niece went back while my mum, Joe and I stayed home. The shop had even more xmas decorations in and my aunt bought some too. It was not really a holiday for them, more just to see each other again. We are looking to visit Wales early next year at some point. Hopefully, both mine and Louise’s family will be able to make it here next year when the weather is a little better.

Here are a few pics I have taken of the xmas shop since they returned.

Backwards post

You will probably notice with this post that is it a little backwards with the time scale. I am having to go through my images to find out what we have done and when we did it. Sorry about this.

Ravadinovo Castle

This is somewhere that Louise and Tiff had already been, twice in-fact. As soon as I heard that it had only been refurbished in the past ten years or so, it kind of took the shine off it for me a little as it does look such a beautiful building from a distance, but I did not want to be disappointed with it.

Anyway, after collecting John and Liam form Nessebar (as we stayed there the same night as they landed) we decided to visit the castle. I was so glad we did too. the place is amazing.

From what I can gather it is owned by a very well known chap ( I will say no more on the mater ) and he has spent hundreds and thousands doing this building up over the past 10 years or so. What an amazing job he is doing too. I could not believe how much work had been done to the place in such a short time or how well established the gardens were. The place is really amazing.

There has been a Disney film that was filmed there, I forget what one now, but I can see exactly why this location was chosen. If anyone comes and visits when the weather is good, we will take you there.

Here a re a few pics of what the place looks like. My pics do it no justice what so ever though.



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