Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

It seems that every post I write sounds the same. This I am afraid is because we have not really done that much. Still having trouble with the car which as soon as it is sorted will be sold. Been nothing but a money pit since day one.

There is a chap in the village that looks very much like ‘The Rock’ The American Wrestler and Actor, he even gave me a ‘People’s Eyebrow’, seems like a nice chap. Well anyway, he has a great looking 4×4 for sale which also has off-road tyres availble, so as soon as we can ‘Smell What The Rock is Cooking’ regarding a price, then maybe we can get out of the village and try a little exploring.

The weather is still very hot here, but I think we must be getting used to it as I now seem able to do a little more in the garden during the days. Had a few great thunder storms recently, very humid when they come, almost to the point that it makes it hard to breath as there is so much moisture in the air.

Power cuts have seemed to have slowed down a little, but with the lightning always being so close and violent, the electricity is always turned off in the house anyway. Still we all love to sit out in the garden to watch them. Yet to have one at night, so pics are very few and far between.

I did take over 6000 images, but now I am looking for the better few that I took, it seems that I have lost them while moving them over to my hard drive. If I come across them any time, I will be sure to post them.

Well, in that case maybe I should change the title of this page as I have no images. Just seems the way things are going here at the moment. Maybe I am not as used to the weather as I first thought as I am getting very clumsy / tired. Or maybe lazy would be a better word to use 🙂

Well, we went to Burgas to visit the lady that owns the house that we are living in and she really is nice. She has a lot more knowledge than Queen Bulgaria, and a much nicer person too. We have decided that she is now OUT.

Dragoyas’ Rottweiler has had her pups and although they are very nice to look at, they really are a bloody nightmare. She had (I think) 9 pups in all, but only 4 have survived, all are very loud and are a big problem to the mother (Amber), Dragoya and Louise as they need to be watched as Amber does tend to lay on them and kill them. Luckily,  I said from the off that I wanted nothing to do with them and that is how it is staying. Had far too many pups over the past few years to be messing around with more now.

As some of you may know, Louise’s grandfather has not been very well at all, something tat we are all worried about here, although he does seem to be making somewhat of an improvement now thankfully. This has caused a great strain on Louise but luckily, one she is somehow managing to just about cope with. She is so strong, not that I am sure she would admit to though.

Well, in all fairness, that is about it. Pretty bloody boring really for a family that are starting a new adventure in a new country, seems no different that living in Hereford with no car to be honest, yes the weather is much better and we have a pool, but to be honest, there really isn’t that much of a difference.

OK then, tara for now.


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