We are here…….

We are here…….

Well, after being here for almost 4 days, I only now have had time to sit and write my first post.

The house that we are renting is very beautiful indeed, there are a few minor problems such as no gas to cook with on the oven, the pool is far from being full (so the children are upset) and the sit on mower and quad are both broke. Not what we had promised the children, but the pool should be ready to use by the weekend….. I Hope.

Here is a pic of my wife and two children outside the house.

OK, lets get down to it then. We flew from Bristol on the Friday, but went to a hell hole of a motel on the Thursday afternoon to sleep as our flight was so early. It really is one of the worse places I have ever had the misfortune to have stayed. Enough about that, it is something I would rather forget.

The flight went very well and we arrived 20 minutes early. Our friends met us at the airport with our new car, the trip back from the airport to the house was very hot, 42 degrees in fact. A 50 minute trip took us around 5 hours as we went to a few shops on the way gto collect what food we could.

Our first night was amazing, the children were excited, but very tired and I think we were all in bed and asleep by around 10 pm UK time, midnight Bg time.

The night sky here is amazing, so many stars and zero light pollution. The pics below I took of the Milky Way on our very first night. I was amazed to say the least. The images below has not had any photoshop wok, it is direct from the camera.



As you can see, the night skies here really are amazing.

Our 2nd day was busy, we had fun exploring the village and meeting the residents, all of who seem elderly, but very friendly indeed. I will take a few pics of them when they are a little more familiar with us as I do not want to offend anyone here in this beautiful village.

We ventured out to find the local shop, or (magazine) as it is called here, not too sure of the spelling though. The main shop is owned by a mother and daughter, the mother is Tonka and the daughter Donka. Very friendly and always welcome you with a smile.

Luckily, Donka speaks a little English and between us all, we get along just fine.

Here is us at Tonkas Magazine.

As we did not have any way of cooking, we visited the Magazine again in the evening for food which was very tasty and very affordable.

Monday, we tried our luck at driving into Yambol, well, Louise did. It was a terrifying experience and not one I am looking forward to doing again any time soon either. It seems that Bulgarians just turn a key and drive, there are no road markings, traffic lights are about the only thing to stop vehicles…….SOMETIMES that is.

We visited two large shops and bought waht food we could, we also bought a cool box so we coul dbuy some chilled foods and meat which we cooked on the BBQ last night.

Louise and our daughter have both gone into the local town today to exchange money and get a bank card so we do not have to keep travelling to a large city just to get money.

Here are a few pics of our house.

Here are our new chickens that we bought on our 2nd day, and they are providing us with plenty of eggs which would be great if only we could cook them.

Last nights Sunset
Last night’s Milky Way.
And after a very busy few days, it is nice to have somewhere to sit and just relax of an evening while watching the glow bugs.

On waking this morning, it was raining, which smelt amazing as it hit the scorched soil.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring? 🙂


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