Ever since I was a young lad I have had a camera of some kind in my hand, back in the day when a 36 exp was considered High Tech, then when the Polaroid camera was invented it just made the hobby of photography all the more exciting and expensive.

As I grew, so did technology. Along with me growing came other things, such as a wife and then children. I thought photography was expensive. Pft!! Not as expensive as having children and the older they get the most expensive they get too. Pity the same could not be said for my old 36 exp camera’s, they are relics these days now everything has gone digital.



Although I must say that in the beginning I was dead against them, as far as I was concerned you were not and never could be classed as a photographer with any kind of digital camera.

I loved the wait to get the prints back from the chemist to see what I had taken photographs of and how they turned out, and which ones hadn’t, which was more often the case.

To my upper most disgust, my brother came to visit and showed off his new mobile telephone with a Carl Zeiss lens and 13 Mega Pixels. Although at the time Mega Pixels was totally foreign to me, I knew that Zeiss made a good lens and some of the prints my brother had printed from his mobile were in fact pretty good, although there was no way I was ever going to let on that I had any interest whatsoever in this ‘Voodoo’, telephones taking photographs and video, and his could even go on the Interweb as I thought it was called at the time. ​ In time we got a computer for our home and hooked up this Interweb stuff and I quickly started to read reviews about point and shoot cameras. I was willing to give it a go. After all since the birth of our children nappies, wet wipes, clothes etc. were far more important that getting my 36 exp films developed, even if I had the time or energy to take any photographs.

A few years past, and as the children grew, so did the amount of free time I was slowly grabbing back. So my wife bought me a point and shoot digital camera from Woolworths for £89.99.

I was a little shocked at the price on such a little device, but when I had it explained to me that I never need buy film or pay for prints of the top of someone’s head or a very out of focus mountain, and that I could see each image as I took it, this digital thing did not seem to bad after all. I soon became a little trigger happy with it though and returning home from the local store which at the time was no more that a ten minute walk there and back with over a thousand photographs.

Over the years I have become much less of a technophobe and I now build websites, getting better at Photoshop and in general caught up with the times.

So that is me, and how I became a published, world wide selling Photographer.



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